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Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologist (TAPG) was founded by Enver Necdet Egeran and his friends on August 2nd, 1958 in Ankara, about tenth year of the discovery of oil in the Raman Mountain in Southeast Turkey, fourth year of the legilation of Turkish Petroleum Law which regulates all of the petroleum activities, and the establishment of State Petroleum Department which was responsible for the application of the Law. This period corresponds to the first peak of exploration activities in Turkey.
The main drive behind the activities of the Association for that time and now, according to the founding members, was the idea that a professional society should have responsibilities for establishing an environment ,in which the petroleum geologist of the country will enjoy awareness of and be exposed to the day's developments in scientific concepts and technologies of the industry, business practices of general acceptance and a global business perspective Today, TAPG continues this mission by publishing semiannual TAPG Bulletin and various symposium proceedings, holding distinguished lecture series and organizing oil and gas events of a broad spectrum from local symposiums of geological focus to business oriented International meetings. As a principle, TAPG always maintains close ties with other International geoscience organizations and is an affiliated society of American Association of Petroleum Geologist (AAPG). 
Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologist will continue its activities oriented toward hydrocarbon exploration both on national and International scale with many members from petroleum companies, universities and research institutes with the hope that the success will give new perspectives to energy policies and investments and will lead to establishment of solid business practices in every aspect of exploration and development of oil and gas resources of Turkey. Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologist, at its 49th years, is proud to have already secured and important place among worldwide professional societies with its respected members active in various aspects of oil and gas exploration from practicing petroleum geology in solution of real world problems to developing and applying state of art concepts and technologies through international research.

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